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Code: D133.003

Peristaltic dosage pump, dinodos START

Microprocessor-controlled peristaltic dosage pump for an automatic addition of any kind of liquid media, even minimum quantities. With stepper motor and continuously variable digital speed control.
Continuous operation with mains voltage 230 V applied. Activation by the press of a key, switching contact (ON/OFF), current 0(4)-20 mA, ascending or descending linearly) and frequency control.

The pump offers a wide-ranging capacity from 45 ml/h up to 9.0 l/h at a maximum counter pressure of 1.5 bar. The delivery rate is infinitely variable via the control or the two potentiometers on the pump. With integrated dosage pump hose (d 8mm) and hose connector (4/6 mm).
Input for empty warning containers and failure output are available, a broken pipe is detected automatically. The pump is safe for continuous operation and features a thermal protection.

Code: D133.004

Also available, As above, including foot-valve /suction line assembly with low-level switch, 15m of 4 x 6mm MDPE tubing & ¼"injector.

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